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What Should my child wear?


Children should wear knit shorts or leggings, t shirts, or leotards. Long hair should be pulled up, and hard barrettes are discouraged. All jewelry should be removed before entering the gym floor.

Does kippers accept credit cards?


Kippers currently only accepts cash or checks, which may be paid in person at the gym.

Tuition is due on a monthly basis, but may be pre-paid.

Are there discounts on more than one child?


Kippers does offer a sibling and family member discount for tuition being paid by the same person. The first student will be charged the full amount, and all relatives after that will receive a 10% discount. Discounts are also offered for the same child

enrolled in multiple classes.

What does it cost?


Classes are billed on a monthly basis. Parent | Tot classes are $35 per month, all other recreation gymnastics classes are $45 per month.  AAU Team (competitive) classes are $100 per month and meet three times a week or one time a week is $60. There is a $50 registration fee, billed yearly in September. You can begin classes at any time during the year.

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